80W DC-DC 转换器 10-35V 至 1-35V 自动升降压模块充电模块QS-1212CCBD-80W

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Brand: QSKJ

Model: QS-1212CCBD-80W


  • The airfoil has a significant heat dissipation effect and a larger output power;

  • New design, conversion efficiency up to 90.5% (for details, see the data sheet efficiency conversion curve below);

  • Independent reference IC, multiple alloy sampling resistors, constant current and stable temperature drift;

  • The under voltage protection is adjustable, which can effectively protect various batteries and can also be used for solar cells;

  • With constant current function, it can be used for high-power LED lights, charging batteries, etc.

  • With over-temperature protection, it can effectively protect the power tube from overheating. The protection adopts the power-reduction protection mode. It is not directly closed. In the battery charging or LED power supply, when the over-temperature will slowly reduce the output power, when the temperature drops. , will automatically recover.

  • The output has short circuit protection, which eliminates the disadvantages of the boost module without short circuit protection.

  • Two-color indicator light, the lamp current is about 0.2 times cross current value, and the charging status is clear at a glance.


  • Input voltage : DC 10 - 35 V

  • Output Voltage : DC 1-35 V(Adjustable)

  • Output Current : 8.5A(MAX)

  • Input current : 12A (MAX) ( heatsink will be necessary for over 6A)

  • Output Power : natural cooling 80W (MAX)

  • Conversion efficiency : 90.5% Max (14V to 12V 2A)

  • Ripple and Noise : 200mVp-p

  • No-load current : 6mA typical

  • Voltage regulation : ± 0.5%

  • Load regulation : ± 0.5%

  • Dynamic response speed : 300uS

  • Size: 65*47.7*26.8 mm

  • Working temperature : 45 degrees

  • Working Temperature : industrial (- 40 ° c to +85 °c) ( environmental temperature, more than 40 degrees, please reduce power to use, or - enhance cooling).


This module is designed for lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries, solar cells or power supply voltage boosting for high-power LED power supply, battery charging, car power supply, car charger, and is very powerful.

  • Input voltage fluctuation range 9-35V, output voltage 1-35V

  • Inputs and outputs are not isolated.

  • Car regulator, car charger


  • High-power LED driver;

  • Lead-acid, lithium battery charging;

  • System power supply;

  • Car Power;

  • Battery charger;

  • Solar battery boost charging;

  • Laptop power supply