DC-DC Step Up Down Module XL6009 Adjustable Module QS-1212CBDE-20W

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Brand: QSKJ

Model: QS-1212CBDE-20W


  • New original XLSEMI chip, to prevent counterfeiting, disassemble chip

  • Imported chip electrolytic capacitors, not peer-made domestic capacitors.

  • Up to 400Khz operating frequency, and LC filter circuit, the output ripple is very low.

  • Imported TDK inductance, the heat and interference to a minimum.

  • Input and output of three MLCC multilayer ceramic capacitors, anti-jamming to enhance stability.

  • PCB using the A-class board material, to prevent cardboard, garbage board.

  • Built-in MOSFET, with the LM2577 built-in transistor say goodbye, can reach 94% of the high efficiency.

  • Increase the enable port, you can control the boost circuit is working.

  • QS-1212CBDE-20W power supply module with enable port

  • (Please click here for heat sink connection

  • Size: 49 (L) * 23.4 (W) * 11.4 (H) mm (without potentiometer)

  • The following parameters are still in the adjustment, the specific parameters, please consult

  • According to customer requirements, QSKJ also introduced XL6009 program, high cost. QSKJ produced ~ to create quality.


  • Modular nature: non-isolated step-up and down module

  • Input voltage: 5-32VOutput current: 1.5A (MAX)

  • Input current: 4A (MAX)

  • Output power: natural cooling 20W, plus heat sink 25W (MAX) the actual power

  • Maximum output power = input voltage * 4A * conversion efficiency

  • Conversion efficiency: Measured common voltage and current efficiency (below for reference only)

  • Output Ripple: Input 12V Output 24 0.5A Ripple 30MV 20M Bandwidth (for reference only)

  • Operating temperature: industrial (-40 ℃ to +85 ℃) (ambient temperature exceeds 40 degrees, please reduce the power to use, or strengthen the heat)

  • Full load temperature rise: 45 ℃

  • Working frequency: 400khz

  • No-load current: typical 15mA (5V to 12V)

  • Load regulation: ± 0.5%

  • Voltage regulation: ± 0.5%

  • Dynamic response speed: 5% 200uS

  • Enable control port: Yes, high level 1.4V-VIN (ON), low level 0-0.8V (OFF), default high level

  • Short circuit protection: None (Please input fuse or protective circuit at input)

  • Input Reverse Protection: None, please tie in with our reverse protection board or in the input series diode.

  • Installation: can be screwed (fixed hole 3 mm), 2 fixed holes

  • Wiring method: welding, plus the pin can be directly welded on the PCB

  • Output voltage: continuously adjustable (1.2-35V) ; fixed output (1.2-35V between any choice), please tell the treasurer when buying;  If you need higher voltage please contact me directly.