4.5W 6V Solar Panel + 6 Inch Mini Fan

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  • Light, small, suitable for outdoor travel.

  • Super quiet design.

  • It can be rotated at 360 degrees.

  • Attach a button switch.

  • Solar powered USB power plug can be used for power sharing between PC and NB.

  • The fan runs when it is inserted into the solar panel, and it can be used alone by inserting the computer USB port.

  • When plugged to the solar panel, how the fan works depends on the sunlight.

  • When the sunlight is strong, the fan works fast. When the sunshine is not strong enough, the fan may work low or even does not work.

  • There is no rechargeable battery in the fan. If you need the fan works at night, you can use a powerbank.


  • Working voltage: 6V

  • Working current: 0-750mA

Solar panel:

  • Power: 4.5W 6V

  • Panel size: approx.165 * 165mm/6.49*6.49''

Mini fan:

  • Size: 6 inches

  • Material: Iron

  • Power supply: USB plug

  • Color: Black

Applications: powerbank, MP3 and charger for electronic products.