3.5W 6V Polysilicon Epoxy Solar Panel Cell Battery Charger

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  • A blocking diode installed already in the backside to protect the solar panel from over-charging and current backflow.

  • Use the USB2.0 interface, it can charge power bank, MP3, MP4 and other digital products. In any sunny place, it will work for you.

  • Mini solar panel, compact & stylish size, easy to be held, can be easily taken to outdoor activity. High conversion rate, high efficiency output, excellent weak light effect.

  • High quality epoxy resin, unique technology to make the components beautiful and strong, anti-wind and snow, increase the service life of solar panels.

  • Solar panels are devices that absorb sunlight and convert solar radiation directly or indirectly into electricity through photoelectric or photochemical effects, it's perfect devices for science project.


  • Power: 3.5W

  • Working Voltage: 6V

  • Working Current: 0-580mA

  • Dimension: 165*135*2mm

  • Output Interface: USB2.0

  • Material: polysilicon.