150W 16.5V Monocrystalline Flexible Solar Panel Battery Charger

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  • Output about 16.5V 9.09A to provide energy for corresponding product equipment;

  • Safe and reliable, no battery, no fear of exposure to high temperature, no combustion or explosion risk;

  • Flower, integrative pressing is more sturdy and durable, service life is longer.

  • Small size, light weight, comfortable hand feeling, portable and practical;

  • It is possible to flexibly set up charging equipment parameters in accordance with electronic circuit rules;

  • Less faults, as long as the sun, you can achieve continuous power supply of high conversion rate;

  • The circuit has the design of input overcurrent protection and reverse connection protection, providing improved security for daily use;

  • Adopt the monocrystalline solar panels of first-class manufacturers, the photoelectric conversion efficiency is 17.8%, which is at the level of the industry. Laminate technology is adopted, which is not easy to be scratched.


  • Power: 150W;

  • Size: about 1775*505*3 mm;

  • Material: single crystal battery +ETFE;

  • Working temperature: -20 ℃ ~ ~ + 60 ℃;

  • Working voltage: 16.5V/open circuit voltage: 19.8V

  • Maximum working current: 9.09A/ short circuit current: 9.99A;

  • Junction box, output positive terminal and negative terminal MC4 head photovoltaic cable, each 0.9m;